Solar Electricity Systems

Designing And Installing Solar Panels For Homes And Businesses

With the rise of electricity cost throughout the country, residents and business owners are investing in solar electricity systems. As solar can save you an average of 70% on your electric bills, having solar installed is a worthwhile investment.


How Solar Electricity Systems Work

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) modules on the roof of homes and businesses convert sunlight photon energy to generate electricity cleanly and quietly. This electricity can then be used to supply renewable and sustainable energy to residential properties and commercial premises.

What Are The Benefits Of Solar Energy?

  • Reduce electricity bill
  • Better renewable sustainable energy
  • Solar panels only require a minimum amount of maintenance each year
  • No noise made from photovoltaic panels while converting sunlight into electricity
  • Produce zero emissions and carbon footprint



Gary Wilson Electrical is a local Clean Energy Council Accredited company servicing the Northern Rivers New South Wales to South East Queensland. We supply, design, install and offer after-installation servicing of solar electricity systems.

Our extensive solar electricity services include

  • Performance Consultation
  • Safety Check & Site Inspection
  • Mechanical assessment of system and components
  • Review of existing electrical connections.
  • Assess output voltage and currents
  • Test the operation of main switch.
  • Clean all solar modules

If you need solar electrical solutions for your domestic and commercial property, call us at 0409 971 966 to discuss your needs.


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